Secrets of happily married couples

Marriage comes with a lot of challenges and couples need to come up with creative ways to keep things interesting.
Unlike the children's story book where where the prince and princess get married and live happily ever after, real life isn't like that.
So what are the secrets to a successful and happy marriage? Check out some of them below:
  1. Respect each other's feelings: Respect is not something you buy, but you have to earn it. Therefore, be the kind of person your partner can respect. If one of you wants to go out partying and the other wants a quiet dinner, it's fine. Respect each other's feelings and compromise. This will go a long way in your relationship.
  2. Criticize in private but motivate openly: There's nothing wrong in telling your partner what you think about him or his ideas, but never criticize him in public. Appreciation and praise him openly in public and keep the criticism indoors. This way, his ego will remain intact and you both will avoid unnecessary clashes.
  3. Have common interests: Try to figure out the things both of you enjoy doing. It could be simple things like reading or playing board games. Make a list of all these things and try and do them together. This is a good way to bond and will keep you both happy.
  4. Maintain a strong friendship: Love is very important for your marriage but it's also vital to be friends with your partner. Being friends with him will make your life so much easier.
  5. Grow and learn together: Since marriage is a life-time commitment, it is important that you prepare before taking the plunge. Don't forget that over time people change and grow. You need to learn, grow and evolve together and become better versions of yourself. This will make your relationship stronger.
  6. Have the same goals: In order for your marriage to last forever, you both should want the same things from life. Be sure to discuss your future. You could want a baby and he could want to move to another city. If you two are not on the same page, things will fall apart.
  7. Talk about money: Even if your husband handles his finances well, it's important to keep things transparent and know about all the investments made. Don't let money spoil things between you two, whether yours or his.
  8. Plan for the future: If your focus is on a long-term, then make sure you plan. This will bring a sense of stability to your relationship and give it perspective. So decide when you want to have kids or buy a house, and make arrangements for the same together.

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