Foundational relationship truths most couples overlook

Your relationship is like a building. The deeper the foundation, the higher the building will go. They just see each other and jump in bed, all in the name of love. Then when the winds come, the whole fizzle fades away, and the cycle starts again.

1. Effective communication is vital in every relationship. This kind of communication involves listening carefully and decoding what is being said. Giving rapt attention to the speaker. Not to throw your defence after he or she finishes. It involves your body language. Face to face communication cannot be underplayed. Especially in these days where there are a lot of social media platforms.
2. Always put your partner first. Some think it is being foolish. Relationship is about sacrifice. If you are not ready to sacrifice your time and resources, wait till you are grown. This act build trust faster.
3. Get to know each other beyond the cozy environment of the eatery. Ask vital and thought provoking questions, regarding ambitions, future plans and financial goals. Including family background and parental approval.
4. Parental approval is very important. Do not continue with a relationship if your partner’s parents disapprove of. It will hurt you in future.
5. Love is not sex. Delay gratification till the wedding night. It will help you differentiate between love and lust.
6. Read books that will improve your life and relationship. It is all about what you are bringing to the table. Be informed.
7. Have a goal for your marriage and family. What do you want your family to be known for? How many kids do you want to have? What impact will your family make? Money?
8. Show respect to each other. Do not compare.
9. Have a mentor that can counsel both of you. This mentor should also hold you accountable at all times and support you in prayers. He or she should be somebody you respect and honor.

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