Wondering why some men simply refuse to get married. Ladies find out

You meet an eligible bachelor, then after a few drinks and little talk all he wants is just sex, no commitment and the word 'marriage' is far from his vocabulary.

Here are reasons why these men refuse to get married:

  1. They Don't Need To Have Sex To Get Married: Men today don’t need to marry you to get sex! You know this is true. I’m all for gender equality, but the changing societal standards for premarital sex has backfired for women who want to move their relationships toward marriage.
  2. They Would Rather Live Together Than Get Married:Another change in relationships over the years is the number of couples who opt to cohabitate versus get married. Unlike in the past, most people don't frown upon couples who live together. So ladies, if you want to improve your chances of marriage, don’t move in with the guy.
  3. Serial Monogamy > Divorce: It’s easier for men today to have a girlfriend for a while, enjoy all the privileges of marriage without the civil contract, breakup, then move on to another new girlfriend. To men, serial monogamy is easier than going through a divorce.
  4. In Fact, They're Terrified Of Divorce: Multiple sources cite that the number one reason men don’t want to get married is that either they themselves have been through a bad divorce or they have witnessed the grief, bad outcomes and money problems that divorces have cost their buddies.
  5. They Don't Want To Leave Their Bromances ...: Guys love to hang with the guys, and they feel like a wife will keep them from this vital part of their social life.
  6. ... Or Ditch Their Man-Cave: When men live alone, their space is their own. They can hang their moose heads in the living room if they want. All too often when they get married they end up relegated to the unfinished room in the basement, where they have to set up their man-cave to preserve their manhood.
  7. They Think They Can Have It Better: These are the perpetual playboys who are always looking for something better. If they’re dating a “9”, they’re on the prowl for that elusive “10.” Expect age to slow these guys down, because as they get older, dating really young women just categorizes them as “creepy old men.”
  8. They're Mamma's Boys: Forget these guys. If they’re still living in mommy’s basement, you wouldn’t want to marry them anyway. They’re already married to momma and there’s no room at the Inn for you!
  9. They're Die-Hard Bachelors: These are the guys who have hit 50 and have never been married. Don’t get into a relationship with them expecting marriage because according to the research I did, it’s probably never going to happen.

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