What kind of commitment do you need to make to overcome your fears? find out

Major factor that drives people away and pull budding relationships apart is fear. But a time will come when you'll have to face that fear alone, so you can live a fulfilled and happy life with someone whom you truly love rather than settling for less.

Some people get scared when they think of entering into a committed relationship with someone they deeply care about.

 Save yourself by making these commitments:
  1. Accept Your "Warts" (And Your Partner's): Nobody is perfect and it is really hard to truly give love to someone else when you don't feel accepting and loving toward yourself. Everyone has flaws so show yourself a little mercy already. Start to practice self-acceptance within yourself and then turn that loving energy outward toward others.

  2. Take Off Your Mask: So many people are afraid to be who they really are. But for love to work, you must be your true self. If someone doesn't like who you are, then they aren't the right partner for you. But how will you know if that special someone truly chooses you if you never reveal your honest, authentic self? Sure, it feels safer hiding behind masks, but once they finally come off, you'll have the confidence of knowing afterward that you are loved for you—not a false image you've created.

  3. Come Out Of The Shadows: Though most of us want emotional intimacy, it's also scary being vulnerable. We're afraid of getting hurt and so we hide. However, most people find vulnerability very attractive in another person because only when you are open about your thoughts and feelings can you and your partner achieve true emotional connection.

  4. Don't Be A Ghost: In order for a relationship to thrive, you have to spend real time together. In the beginning of your partnership, you happily invested that time, now—not so much. It's important that you still prioritize your relationship, as this lets your partner know that he or she matters. And, hello, just because you're physically there doesn't mean you're actually "there" (hint: put the smartphone down and pay attention to each other).

  5. Give Lots Of Treats, Not Tricks: Your partner wants to feel respected and appreciated. So skip the head games and the nasty behavior. Love needs positive energy, trust, and caring to thrive.
  6. Closet: We all have baggage from the past. And these can easily get triggered in our present day relationships. If something your partner does activates old hurt, pause and be brave enough to look at the real issue rather than making your mate the target of your upset.

  7. Clean Away The Cobwebs: Just like no individual is perfect, no partnership is either.  Somewhere along the line, there will be hurt, disappointment, etc. Don't let resentment or unresolved feelings collect in the corners of your relationship. Check in with one another and discuss any issues that still feel unresolved. Seek to understand where miscommunication or conflict has taken place. Now is the time to sweep that stuff out and let it go.

  8. Seek New Thrills And Chills: Save your relationship from falling victim to the same old stale routine. Part of the fun of the season is engaging in pretend and role-play. Don't be afraid to mix things up by doing something a little different and daring. Bringing a little novelty into your relationship (and the bedroom) keeps the electricity between you sparking. So give your romance a playful jolt once in awhile.

  9. R.I.P.: You can't give your best to your current relationship if you're still clinging to old ones. It's time to let old relationships go—in thought, in day-to-day life, and on social media. There's nothing more stomach-turning or scary to a new partner than constantly being compared to an old fling. Remember: you're alive and those old relationships are dead—let them rest in peace.

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