Weird phobias in relationships which could turn out to be serious and affect love lives in particular.

Phobia as an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Which means you have a high chance of having a panic attack when you come in contact with these things you have phobia for.

 Here are few of other fears that could be preventing you from finding real love:
  1. Philemaphobia - Fear Of Kissing: While for Valentine her philemaphobia seems to be really steeped in mouth germs, it’s not always the case. It’s also a fear of being subjected to bad breath, which, if you ask me, is totally reasonable.

  2. Chiraptophobia- Fear Of Being Touched: If the thought of being hugged or being even remotely close to another human puts your head in a tailspin, then you may suffer from chiraptophobia. For some, the phobia is so intense that they can't even watch movies in which people touch each other, and they equate the touch of another as feeling like their skin is burning.

  3. Mysophobia - Fear Of Germs: If your idea of affection is something out of the Howie Mandel book of human contact and only a fist bump will do, then you’re going to find it very difficult to get close to anyone and everyone, not just a potential partner. Unless you use latex gloves at all times, of course, and latex is a fetish for some, so that could actually work in your favor.

  4. Genophobia - Fear Of Sex: Um, I really don't think we need to explain how this one is going to massively mess up your love life, so let's just move on, shall we?

  5. Agoraphobia - Fear Of Leaving The House: Let's be honest, if you can't leave the house, how are you supposed to be meet anyone in the first place? Although agoraphobia is most commonly associated with the fear of leaving one's home, more specifically, it's a fear of crowds and being in situations that one can’t escape, like, oh I don't know… a first date maybe?

  6. Omphalophobia - Fear Of Belly Buttons: If you're going to get naked, then you’re going to probably see a belly button or two. While you could cover up your own bellybutton with a Band-Aid, that still doesn’t get rid of the other bellybutton in the equation, so how are you going to explain that fear? If you can’t think of a witty response to that question, then I suggest you start courting Karolina Kurkova, because that beauty doesn't have a bellybutton.

  7. Ithyphallophobia - Fear Of An Erect Penis

  8. Metrophobia - Fear Of Poetry: Oh no! How else are you supposed to enjoy one of the greatest perks of someone being in love with you, if you can't stand poetry? The only thing better than regular ol’ poetry, is poetry written about YOU. *shutters*

  9. Sarmassophobia- Fear Of Foreplay: No, this one isn't just reserved for high school boys who just can't wait to come, but an actual phobia for people of both genders. But, hey, if you meet someone who likes to get in and get out, and skips all the "ooh la la," in the beginning, then you're in luck. And, yes, there are many of them out there.

  10. Anuptaphobia -Fear Of Marrying The Wrong Person: Ironically, anuptaphobia isn't just the fear of marrying the wrong person, but the fear of being single, which doesn't make any sense to me. Wouldn't you rather be single, than marry the wrong person?

  11. Cibophobia -Fear Of Food: One of the best parts about dating is going out to eat! What do you usually do on a first date? Go out to dinner! Second date? More dinner! The day you get married? Eat a five course meal! Food and love go hand-in-hand, so if you fear food, it's pretty hard to move forward in a relationship. I mean, what else are you supposed to do when you're together? Talk or something?

  12. Gamophobia - Fear Of Marriage: If there's a fear of being single, then of course there's a fear of marriage, and I'm pretty sure 95% of the men I've ever known have had this phobia. Or maybe they just had it when it came to marrying me? Food for thought there, Chatel.

  13. Arrhenphobia - Fear Of Men: This one has got to totally suck, especially if you're a straight woman or gay man, but it's real. How the hell are you supposed to even get to the first date, if you're constantly in fear of men? Well, you can't. Along the same vein is Venustraphobia, a fear of beautiful women. If you suffer from this one, you can kiss your dreams of dating Angelina Jolie goodbye.

  14. Philophobia- Fear Of Falling In Love: Probably the saddest one of all the phobias in the world is philophobia. Not only is it a fear of falling in love, but a fear of being in love, too. This phobia makes all the other phobias look like a piece of cake.

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