Sure signs that you've fallen head over heels in love with her. For guys

Most times you never know what you are feeling until something happens that'll make you come to a realization that you are really in love. Unlike the way most romantic movies depict love, it isn't like an explosion. Love in reality is a gradual process which you fall more and more into as each day goes by.

 Here are sure signs you've met the woman of your dreams:

 1. Her happiness is your priority: You love to make her happy every time, even when she's having a not-so-awesome day you'll certainly do everything you can to make her happy.

 2. You may check out other girls but you constantly use her as a yardstick: Doesn't matter how many girls you check out, she always comes out the best on your simply don't see other ladies the way you see her.

3. You are scared: You're afraid of keeping her, of losing her, of being with another woman who isn't her. There are many things you are scared of including your relationship not working out if you start one with her. But your mind keeps telling you to take that chance and be with her.

 4. You think of her all the time: It doesn't matter how deep into work you're in, she pops up on mind every now and then. You keep looking for excuses to talk with her while wondering if she's thinking about you.

 5. You can't wait to tell her good news: Whenever something good happens to you and you need to tell someone, her name first comes to your mind. You talk to her and about her. Almost everyone who had heard you talk about her knows she's pretty special.

6. You've tried to fall out of love but it isn't working: Maybe you swore off relationships after your last one ended on a bad note but you just can't resist this one last time to take this chance with this great lady you know.

7. You want to become better because of her: You suddenly become more serious and focused with your life goals all because you met her. In all you just want to get yourself together because she's worth it.

8. You love to impress her all the time: You'll go the extra mile just to hear the word 'I'm impressed' come from her mouth. You just want to hear her say good things about you. 

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