Sometimes a woman's insecurities are what is stopping her from investing so much in a new relationship. find out

 The things women are secretly scared of in relationships and may be as a result of  a broken heart, staying single or dating around. As a woman it's important to know what these fears are, then find a way to overcome each and every one of them.
1. Being cheated on: She may be terrified of being cheated on again in a new relationship she's about to start. She's also scared of being with a man who doesn't want to commit. An open line of communication and trust would better from her man in order to reassure her that her fears wouldn't be a reality.
2. Settling for less or compromising: Many women are scared of settling with the wrong man or compromising standards because of Mr. Wrong, especially if it has happened before. 

 3. Her ex and her new man being exactly alike: Women are scared of getting into relationships and finding out her new boyfriend was just like her ex. It's more like she's scared of seeing history repeat itself again.

4. Being disrespected: Nobody likes being disrespected. Women are emotional beings and a man disrespecting her could bring out a whole lot of insecurities she may never know she had before. This could be really scary and humiliating.

 5. Thinking she isn't pretty or sexy enough: Many women feel the need to be perfect for a man to want and stay with them. These ladies are terrified of not being pretty or sexy  enough to keep a man, this in turn has a negative effect on their relationships.
6. Saying "I love you" and the relationship not working out: If a woman is vulnerable enough to say " I love you", then the last thing she wants is for her relationship to not work out or the person she says it to, not saying it back.

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