Should couples continue to post about their love life or relationships on social media? find out

The social media has been used and abused by modern-day couples who think sharing private information about their relationship is their own way of letting friends, fans and family into their lives.

Here are risks gotten from sharing your love life on social media:

1.) Exposure:

Posting everything about your love life is exposing your privacy to the world. Even though some couples have an upper hand over what goes and what doesn't, it's likely to get misunderstood for showing off. E.g, "Family vacation in Canada," could lead to envy or free enemies knowing your every move and think of how to harm you. Do we need to add, stalkers and armed robbers?

2.) Negative comments:

People who aren’t happy about their shitty love life will be happy to drag their negativity into your life by leaving negative comments on every post. You having dinner with your partner could attract comments like, "Is that all you can afford?" "Cheap date", "Poor couple" etc. Irrelevant hate, which you'll say doesn;t get to you but when it gets consistent and others start entertaining them, you and your emotions are in trouble.

3.) Misjudgment:

There's a huge possibility of getting misjudged thanks to your posts on social media. Taking a trip abroad doesn't mean you are rich. Window shopping at a popular fashion store in Milan or Paris doesn't mean your partner gave you the money to buy anything. Kissing your boo in a pic doesn’t mean you guys are the best couple on earth and you don't go through struggles like others. Be careful!

4.) Children exposed to bullying and shame

Sharing about your love life or relationship on social media also puts your kids (for those who are parents) at risk. God forbid, you get a divorce; what happens to your kids at school or at Sunday school classes? Why does every one need to know what they are going through?

5.) Public embarrassment

What if you get divorced or go through a break up, what happens to those lovely posts? Some even take down the pictures of the ex, but does that keep people from noticing you are now lonely and single?  Also, a mistaken post might just attract name calling or shaming for no good reason… leaving your kids embarrassed in pubic.

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