Here are a few things you can identify with men but will never change. Ladies find out

Men and women are built differently and both sexes can spend the rest of their lives trying to understand each other.

 Here are facts you can never change about men:

 1. I wasn't staring at her!: Staring at beautiful women comes natural to men and they'll only deny it if you catch them.

2. I'm not thinking about anything: Sometimes these men just want their own space instead of bombarding them with questions.

 3. It's a nice dress: A man loves it when his woman dresses up just for him and not because she's competing with another woman.

4. I said I love you just yesterday: Women are built with emotion and many women know that, just because he doesn't use the love word everyday doesn't mean he loves you any lesser.

5. You are making me go late: Men really do not understand why women have to be late at every event. You should try and respect the time he gives you.

6. Yes, I am wearing it: Instead of getting upset when he wears those old clothes, you can help choose his clothes.

 7. Yeah, you always look great honey: Women all know that's a standard response from men when they want to get out of a tricky situation. He knows you won't believe him anyways, so why don't you ask someone else instead.


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