Certain habits that could destroy a marriage. For couples

A working marriage is as a result of two committed people who aren't willing to let go. There are certain habits that could destroy a marriage which couples must avoid and work towards keeping their love alive.

Here are seven marriage pitfalls to avoid.

  1. Negativity: Constant negativity can drain the life out of any marriage. Negativity makes withdrawals while encouraging leaves a deposit.
  2. Letting Small Things Become Big Things: Overreacting breaks down effective communication and trust. Handling situations with the appropriate wisdom will maintain temperance in the home.
  3. Suffocating the Joy: Allowing the dreaded twins of anxiety and stress to rule the relationship prevents joy. Be on the lookout for joy thieves and once identified work together to remove them from the equation.
  4. Making Your Spouse Feel Small: When you diminish your spouse you diminish both yourself and the relationship. The idea is to build together, become one and do life as a team. Belittling each other works against these goals.
  5. Not Celebrating Your Marriage: When you stop celebrating the relationship, you run the risk of taking each other for granted. It’s easy for marriage to feel like a business partnership so regularly reaffirm your excitement, passion and love as often as you can.
  6. Too Busy For Intimacy: Life can become a juggling act and in the process of trying to keep everything in order you can draw further away from your spouse. Stop down each day and have authentic “face-time.” Be intentional. Shut everything off and plug-in to one another.
  7. Keeping Secrets: Hiding issues or choosing not to express grievances is one of the passive ways we can silently destroy our marriage. Don’t let issues grow, talk about them early to avoid major problems later.

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