The moment your partner gives you reasons to doubt him/her it is time to snoop

It is okay to snoop to clear all doubts and to put your mind at rest if your partner has been behaving funny or dodgy or you think he/she is cheating on you for whatsoever reason. 

Trust is an integral part of every relationship, and here are few ways to  successfully snoop on your partner.

  1. Follow him/her: As weird as this sound, it’s one of the surest ways to know. Did he say he was going for a meeting or going to church? Follow him and you will find out.

  2. Check his/her phone: There are so many apps that would aid your snoop in 2016, there are apps for reading your partner’s Whatsapp messages, there are also apps for recording phone conversations as well.

  3. Find my IPhone: If your partner has ever logged on his ICloud details on your IPhone, simply go to find my IPhone and try finding his own IPhone to get his location.

  4. Create a fake social media account: Create a pseudo account name and try being chatty with your partner online. Ask him or her the “are you single” question and see his/her response.

  5. Just go there: If he says he was going to the office, simply stop by his office to give him a surprise launch. If he isn’t there, then someone is not speaking the entire truth.
    Here’s a bonus, buy a GPS tracker and place in a hidden area in his/her car.

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