The phrase "I Love You"

You may be 100 percent sincere when you say "I love you. It's quite unfortunate that ''i love you'' is no longer meaningful to those betrayed by it, and some people always use these words without knowing its full implication. People have physical, psychological, emotional, financial or social needs. One of the best ways to fulfill these needs is to tell people, “I love you.” This so-called “love” has become like a mantra: open sesame. You try to get what you want by saying it. Human beings are capable of love when they are willing. We love to talk, think, and sing about love. But, what does it mean? We don’t often think deeply about what love really is. Often we just mindlessly say, “I love you” because it seems appropriate. Oftentimes when many people say, “I Love You” they mean something like, “I like You” or “I Want You” or “I Need You.” The trouble with all of these is they all speak out of a lack. This is a restless craving for fulfillment from other people. Often times there are not a whiff of sacrifice or service without the overwhelming perfume of self. You can judge how steadfast someone is—how reliable protestations of love really are—only over time. Someone who still claims to be in love after two or three months is more believable than someone who says it for the first time. He or she is more likely to feel the same way in the future than someone who is saying it for the first time. Someone who reliably does or says something—anything—over time can be expected reasonably to continue doing that thing. After a year, you can feel relatively comfortable that the other person means what he/she says—but you cannot be too comfortable. There are always exceptions. Anyone who has ever said, “I love you,” to another human without knowing how they would respond can tell you that telling someone you love them is one of the most thrilling, vulnerable, terrible, excellent things that they’ve experienced in a relationship. We’ve packed so much meaning into that phrase that throwing it out seems to stand in for everything you want to say and everything you can’t put into words. You say it, and you’re free! Everything is out there! But the same piling-on of meaning that makes the phrase so powerful also robs it of clarity. Words in general depend on people agreeing on what they mean — in the context of romantic relationships; this has become less and less true. Boiling your whole heart down into one phrase is exhilarating. Somehow, a point by point breakdown doesn’t seem quite as romantic as that phrase that’s on the entire Valentine’s candy. I’m not trying to get you to stop saying “I love you”– I encourage it, as long as there’s some detail involved. How could a feeling so large be summed up in three words? After all, the best declaration of love involve a little more than that anyway.
"Three words, eight letters. Say it and I'm yours,”

Love is important to most humans, especially women. We all have the need to love, and to be loved.
When you say "I love you", I believe this is moving love to its next stage: beginning to struggle with the feelings and express them in a way that is meaningful to the other person, that impacts them in a as positive a way as possible.  Namely, love as action. Often, people have painful histories with respects to love, so it makes sense that sometimes they will reject you or misunderstand you even if you have "good" intentions. But when the love you possess for someone is real, you will be patient with the rejections and misunderstandings, and overtime try to customize your expressions based on what the other needs.
Through this process, the other person may come to appreciate the effort you are invested in trying to find out what makes them genuinely happy. And this effort might make them feel safe enough to open themselves up a bit more to the unique sort of love only you can give. In this way---being flexible in giving and flexible in receiving---people gradually change each other.

Love can be profoundly difficult in a complex world, and yet if there is anything that is "natural" and beautiful, it is loving.