Use these tips on how to avoid the friend zone

You may be trying hard to get close to a girl, close enough to tell her that you like her, but one fine day she turns around and tells you that you’re such a great friend, or worse, you’re just like a brother to her.
You may get really close to a girl with all the hopes of getting into her pants, but somewhere along the way, you may have taken a few detours that led you right into the friend zone.
Guys find themselves falling into the friend zone almost all the time.
It’s frustrating and demeaning, and at times, inevitable.

A friend zone is a happy place for a girl. It’s a place where she and a guy can sit together and talk about anything and get real friendly with each other.
For a guy, a friend zone is the worst place to be in, especially when he likes the girl who behaves like a friend.
In a friend zone, the two involved friends of the opposite sex are just friends and nothing more. They project no sexual interest towards each other and behave in a completely platonic manner.
But can any guy ever be friends with a girl he finds sexually attractive? Or course not. He can try to be a friend with the hope of getting an occasional cuddle or a warm boob pressing hug now and then, but he’s always going to be just be a friend while she dates every other guy in the yearbook.
A guy falls into a friend zone for very obvious reasons. He behaves like a friend. And he never lets the girl know that he has more than friendly intentions on his mind.

And soon enough, the girl loses all realization of the fact that this guy has a package down there. And he just becomes another sexless thing she hangs out with all the time as a platonic friend.

So why do some guys end up as friends instead of boyfriends or sex buddies? Here’s why.

#1 They get too close. Getting too close to a girl on platonic grounds will never help you. You may assume that it’s the easiest way to get a girl to know you better. She’ll definitely get to know you better, but only as a friend.

#2 No sexual chemistry. If a guy likes a girl, he has to make it subtly obvious that he’s sexually interested in her. If a guy behaves like a pushover and a doormat, no girl will feel even a tingle of sexual chemistry.

#3 The girl’s not attracted to the guy. This sucks, but this is the most common scenario. The guy’s probably creepy, annoying or just not good enough to be her boyfriend.

#4 The guy thinks she’s too good for him. At times, a guy may genuinely believe that the girl he likes is way too good for him. And instead of hitting on her, he secretly lusts for her, but gives up on pursuing her. Could you ever live with yourself by just being the friend of a sexy girl who dates every other guy but you?

#5 He plays the true friend card. It works in the movies all the time. The girl has a best friend who’s always there for her. She goes ahead and dates every single guy in the world, and finally, at the end of the movie she sees her true love in the form of her best friend. How touching! And that’s why they call it the movies. In real life, you can’t become a girl’s boyfriend just by behaving like a best friend.

It’s really easy to avoid the friend zone. All you need to do is drop a few hints now and then to let her know that you’re really into her. Use these easy tips to get the message across and get her to desire you while you’re at it.

#1 Be a friend without behaving like her other friends. Don’t talk nonsense for hours or spend time talking about her problems in life. Talk about places she visits, movies she’s watched, and her plans for the weekend. Talk date talk and she’ll sense the chemistry in the air.

#2 Try to talk to her when she’s alone. If her other friends are around, talk to her if you must or just avoid her. You can’t really hit on a girl when she’s surrounded by a bevy of friends.
But when you find her alone, make sure you turn on your charm and impress her. See her alone? Chat her up. And if one of her friends come by, grumble audibly in a funny manner and say something like “just when I thought I was going to get some alone time with you, this guy pops up out of nowhere!” and just laugh. She’ll be confused and wonder if you’re being serious or just joking.
But she’ll get the hint that you like spending time with her alone. Make it obvious that you like spending time with her in whatever way possible, but don’t ask her out or tell her you like her just yet.

#3 Compliment her when she deserves it. Flatter her pants off. If she looks good, tell her she looks hot. If you see a hint of cleavage and she catches you staring, just laugh, apologize and tell it you couldn’t resist it. Add a few funny sexual remarks and you’ll never get into the friend zone.

#4 Touch her and treat her like your girlfriend. But do it respectfully though. Clasp her hand while crossing the street and open doors for her when it’s just the both of you. Make her feel like a queen, and she’ll love the attention. But when her friends are around, don’t give her any preferential treatment. Let her realize that you’re special to her only when it’s just the two of you.

#5 Make her feel special and exclusive. Gift her something small and personal, but tell her to keep it a secret. When you create secrets, you build sexual chemistry and suspense which leads to romance.

#6 Ask her out and change the topic. When you’re talking to her for a while, ask her out for lunch or coffee. See how she responds. But within a second, change the topic. Don’t wait for her to answer. It’ll seem like a joke, but it’ll still make her wonder if you really do want to date her. Don’t make things awkward by waiting a while before saying something else. Keep it simple, keep it funny and yet reveal all the dirty thoughts in your mind, and change the topic immediately.

Wondering how to avoid the friend zone? Just understand these pointers and use these tips. You’ll never fall into the friend zone with any girl ever again!

What makes a guy creepy? Ladies find out

Almost all the time, it’s an unexplainable feeling of discomfort and awkwardness. You can’t really explain it, but you feel miserable spending time with this person.
But what’s the easiest way to define a creepy guy? Well, a creepy guy is anyone who shows interest in a girl when the girl doesn’t fancy him back at all.
It’s not fair to most guys, but if a guy can’t take a hint that you don’t like him, you have a right to brand him as your personal creepy guy.
Sometimes, even the nicest of guys can turn out to be creepy guys.
After all, creepy is subjective and what may seem desirable to one girl can seem creepy to another.

There are some mildly creepy guys, and then we have the scary creepy guys. If you’re attracting the attention of a guy you don’t like, and he exhibits any of these 10 creepy guy signs, it’s time for you to back away and keep him away from you.

#1 The boob staring creepy guy. This is the guy who can’t help staring down your cleavage all the time. He thinks he’s too smart to get caught staring down your tee, but he gets caught anyway. And no matter how many times you catch him, nothing stops him from trying to stare at your breasts.
He’s a creepy guy with lust on his mind. If an unfanciable guy constantly stares you up and down like he wants to eat you, he’s definitely a creepy guy you need to avoid.

#2 The touchy feely creepy guy. This is the creepy guy that can gross you out. He’s extremely touchy even when you don’t reciprocate his moves. He uses any excuse to touch you or, gasp, hug you! He holds your hand for no reason and runs his hand along your back until you bend your back like a contortionist and duck away from his side.
He’s the guy who may eventually reach his hands out to the front of your shirt in the heat of the moment. If a guy touches you and the hair on your hands start to stand, he’s definitely the touchy feely creepy guy.

#3 The personal space creepy guy. Do you have a friend or a colleague who just doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space? If you know a guy who stands so close to you that you can smell yesterday’s breakfast on his breath, he’s definitely a creepy guy that needs to be avoided.
He doesn’t understand social etiquette and he’s definitely getting close to you for a reason. Better push him away before he thinks you enjoy the intermingling of both your personal spaces.

#4 The dirty talking creepy guy. Do you know a guy who thinks he’s a smooth dirty talker when he’s definitely not? If a guy talks about your visible bra strap or how sexy your ass looks today even when you tell him off, he’s a creepy guy you need to avoid.
He may assume that both of you are actually exchanging fun, sexy conversations with each other. What’s next, he may want to have sex with you!

#5 The rich boastful creepy guy. Well, what do you say about this one? He’s rich, but he’s completely obnoxious. He boasts and brags, and think all women must strip down and bow before him and his riches. If a braggart of a rich guy hits on you, and you don’t like him back, walk away from him before he starts wooing you and embarrassing you all the time.

#6 The creepy fetish guy. Have you ever dated a guy who seems to have a lot of crazy fetishes? Unless you share his interests or are deeply in love with him already, end any relationships with crazy fetish guys who go overboard with their fetishes.

#7 The creepy stalker guy. Has a guy professed his undying love for you recently? Does he now spend all his time following you around town no matter where you are? The creepy stalker guy is the guy who thinks he’s being cool and persuasive by trailing you everywhere. Avoid him, don’t give him any attention and try to give him the slip.

#8 The older creepy guy. Does your dad’s friend hit on you? Old creepy guys are the weirdest of the lot! They’re socially cuckoo and desperate for attention from young perky people. They assume younger girls are easier to get, because they can’t ever get a date with women their own age. If you have an older friend who tries to behave like a touchy feely creepy guy, he’s surely an older creepy guy you need to get away from.

#9 The staring creepy guy. Do you exchange glances with interesting guys at a coffee shop? Then you’ve definitely meet Mr. Staring Creepy Guy. He’s the guy who drops everything else and stares at you with a vengeance. He stares hard, with an eye watering lingering gaze that stretches into an eerie smile each time you look at him.

#10 The loving creepy guy. He’s obsessed with you, and no matter what you say, he just thinks you’re playing hard to get. This is romantic nightmare, and he’d do anything to try and win your attention and your love. There’s not much you can do to get him off your back because he just won’t believe you don’t love him back. The only thing you can do with this creepy guy is play nice.

Ways to get a creep to leave you alone without using those harsh words.

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to get a creep to leave you alone without using those harsh words.
It’s happened to all of us. We meet a guy whom we think is attractive, intelligent, and charming, and start talking to him on a regular basis. We may even go out on a few dates with him. Yet, after getting to know him a bit better, we start to realize that he’s not as great as he seemed.

Either we find out some disturbing facts about his life, or he starts giving off a vibe that he may not be quite right in the head. Pretty soon, we start to wish we never met the guy, and we’d do almost anything to get him to go away—the only problem is, he’s become incredibly smitten!
He always seems to be hanging around, and it’s gotten to the point that telling him to get lost could make him upset enough to something stupid.

Here are 12 of the most effective methods to free yourself from a creep’s unwanted attention, each of which is best suited for a certain level of creepiness.

#1 Tell him politely that you’re not interested. If you just find the guy mildly creepy, and not exactly threatening, then honesty is the best policy. Tell him that he’s a good guy *even if he’s not*, but you’re just not interested in him in a romantic way.
If he asks why, point to some significant differences between the two of you, such as the fact that you enjoy athletic activities and he doesn’t, or that you like to party while he enjoys quiet nights in. He may ask if you can still be friends, but to duck out of that one, you could tell him that you would feel awkward continuing a friendship with him after what has transpired.

#2 Stop returning his calls and texts. When a creepy guy’s not 100% obsessed with you, or is after other girls too, you may not have to deliver the speech above. Instead, you may be able to slowly fade out of his life.
The first thing you need to do is to stop returning his calls and texts even if you’re bored, as this will make him hold on to any hope he has that you may be interested in him. After a few unreturned texts and calls, he should take the hint—otherwise, you may have to break out the “we’re not a match” speech after all.

#3 Block him on social media. Along with not returning his calls and texts, you should block him on any social media contact lists he’s currently on. If you feel like blocking is too harsh, and you think he’s fairly harmless, at least delete him.
Keeping him on your contact lists will just give him the feeling that you two still have some sort of connection, whether it’s personal or even professional, and that it’s acceptable for him to contact you.

#4 Change your phone number. It’s a huge pain to have to change your phone number, but if a guy continues to text and call you multiple times a day, even after he knows you’re not interested, it might be something you’ll have to do for your own sanity.
Once you get your new phone number, don’t post it anywhere online, since the creep or one of his snooping friends might stumble upon it. Also, make sure to tell your friends to never, ever give out your number without consulting you first.

#5 Pretend that you have a boyfriend. Sometimes, if creeps think you already have a guy, they will back off and move on to another girl. This is especially true if the creep in question is a bit shy and awkward.
You can start by simply informing Mr. Creepy that you’re no longer single, and he may go off on his merry way. If he doesn’t and reacts aggressively to the news, you may have to get a well-muscled guy friend to pretend to be your boyfriend when you two see him around.

#6 Get a dog. This isn’t a realistic option for everyone, but if you have a job and your own place, and you’ve been stalked by one of the creepiest guys out there, consider investing in a dog. If you think the creep in question is going to show up at your house at some point, knowing that you have a dog might scare him away. A medium to large-sized dog can also act as protection if you’re out walking and you happen to run into him.

#7 Travel with friends. If you feel as if a creepy guy is posing a threat to your safety, it’s best not to travel solo. Instead of walking around alone, go about town with a girlfriend or two or even a mixed group whenever possible. If you drive, you should be fine, as long as you park close to the entrance of any place you’re going into at night.
Creeps tend to bother women who are alone, so if they see that people are with you, they’re likely to continue right on by. If a particular creep does harass you, at least you’ll have someone who will stand up for you.

#8 Find alternate routes to school, work, etc. For frequent walkers, the route you currently walk to school, work, or any other regular activity may take you directly by the creep’s place of residence, his workplace, or someplace he hangs out often. If he’s extra sketchy, he may even plant himself along your route on purpose.
Therefore, when avoiding a creep who is often in your area for whatever reason, it’s best to find alternate ways to get to the places you regularly travel to on foot. It may take you a tad bit longer to walk to your destinations, but at least you’ll know you’re safe.

#9 Wear a hat and sunglasses. A hat and sunglasses come in handy if you absolutely need to spend time in a place that you may spot him in. The creep can only bother you if he recognizes you, and if you’ve got most of your hair tucked under your hat and your eyes covered, he likely won’t.

#10 Alert your boss and coworkers. When you won’t return his calls, texts or online messages, it’s likely that the first place a creep will think to look for you is your workplace. If you think there’s a serious possibility of him showing up while you’re on the job, tell your boss and coworkers about him. That way, they can quickly call security and get him escorted out if he becomes a bother.
By the way, if you think that the creepy guy you’ve met doesn’t know where you work, don’t be so sure—these men are often very skilled at finding out these things!

#11 Have another guy you trust tell him to cease communication. Unfortunately for us, men often are more responsive when other men tell them what to do, as opposed to women. If the creep you’re associated with is very persistent and continually tries to get in contact with you, you may need to solicit the help of your brother, a male relative or a trusted male friend.
You should choose the guy in your life that seems most powerful and convincing, so that when he informs this creepy dude that you don’t want to communicate with him any longer, the creep will be left quaking in his boots. The only situation in which you shouldn’t ask another guy for help is if you think the creep may hurt them. And if that’s the case…

#12 Involve the police. This is a last resort and should only be used in extreme cases in which a creep seems very dangerous and several other solutions have not worked. If you call the cops on a creepy guy, be prepared to provide proof of any threats or otherwise disturbing messages that he’s sent you.
Once you think a situation with a creep may progress to this stage, make sure you save all online messages, texts, and voicemails that he leaves for you. In all likelihood, he’ll get charged if he’s subjected you to harassment, but you need to have valid evidence to make your case.

If you’re just dealing with an awkward guy, cutting off contact yourself should suffice. However, if the creep seems like he could become a full-fledged stalker, taking more serious measures may be necessary. Regardless of the type of action you take, you should never feel guilty, as long as it’s legal—you have a right to live your life in peace without worrying about a troublesome man!

Be sure to ask yourself these important questions before you get married.

Getting married is a huge step, perhaps one of the biggest rites of passage that you will ever experience in your life. Sure, the world may have turned into a cynical place whereby if you get tired of your spouse, all you need to do is sign on the dotted line and you won’t be married anymore. However, I like to believe that everyone who decides to get married goes into it hoping that it will last forever.

Over the years, it is inevitable that people change. Twenty years from now, you may not be the same person you are today and the same can be said of your partner. This is a challenge that you should not run from.
Personal and professional developments have a lot to do with shaping who you will become. What both of you need to understand is that your marriage should last despite the changes. You should be embracing and evolving with the individual developments that are bound to take place.

Whether you are a same-sex or opposite-sex couple, the big questions remain the same. There is more to married life than love and sex. There are multiple things that you need to address before getting married, some of which are meant for you to ponder alone, and some are meant to be discussed with your partner. It all comes down to sharing duties and being responsible for one another.

Spend some time alone and ask yourself the following questions. Once you can answer every one without flinching, move on to the other questions that you need to answer with your partner.

#1 Is this what I want?
Ask yourself this all the time, everyday if need be. Is marriage really what you want? Will it make you happy? Do not worry about other people’s expectations. Whether it is your partner’s, your parents’, or even society’s, the only expectations that you need to meet are ones set by yourself.
Think long and hard before making this big commitment. If you are going into marriage with the thought that you can easily get out of it whenever you want, think again. The amount of paperwork and lawyer’s fees is a bitch and not worth having to suffer through. So do the smart thing and take some time off in the beginning to think about whether you really want to get married.

#2 Am I ready?
Another question to ask yourself is whether you are ready to tie the knot. Always remember that the younger you are, the riskier it is. Decide if you are ready to be tied down to one person and if you are even close to being ready to building a life with this individual.
Being ready and prepared means everything and if you have even a shred of doubt in your mind, step back and put the whole marriage idea on hold for a second. Remember that it takes more than just love to make a relationship work. City hall will always be there but your youth won’t.

#3 Is marriage necessary?
When we look back at what marriage used to symbolize, it has not got much to do with why we do it today. Ask yourself if marriage is even necessary. Are you fine with living an unmarried life with your partner? Covering all your bases and researching all your options is something that you should look into.

#4 Can I do this forever?
Everyone goes into marriage confident that it will last forever. If you have doubts about being with one person for the rest of your life, you need to rethink the whole idea of getting married. Do not cower behind separation or divorce when things get emotionally rough. You have to have the strength to see your marriage through to the very end.
However, in all fairness, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to end a marriage, none of which are easy to deal with. Just remember to stick at it for as long as you can without bringing harm to yourself emotionally or physically. For better or for worse, remember?

#5 Do I want to raise a family?
Many couples choose to get married because they are ready to start a family. Do you even want to have kids? If you are tying the knot under the pretext of wanting to start a family, then you need to stop yourself right there. Think long and hard about whether you see kids in your future. Do not half-ass this decision because raising a family is a serious commitment and definitely not something to be taken lightly.

#6 Why am I doing this?
Do it for the right reasons, not to satisfy a whim. Are you feeling pressured and doing it to please your partner? Whether it is getting married for that green card, or doing it because you want to feel more secure in your relationship, question why you want to get married in the first place. The institution of marriage is sacred and is not something to be taken lightly just because you want to fulfill another goal.
Once you have asked yourself the aforementioned burning questions, you need to sit down with your partner to discuss more issues. 

Here are some things to question.

#1 Do we have debt?
Do not start your married life in debt. If you have not already shared financial statuses with each other, now is the time to do so. Be transparent with your partner about your bank balance, savings plan and debt. Sit down and calculate if it is the right time for you to get married.
It is always better to kickstart a life together being debt-free, or at the very least, have a super solid financial plan in place. Being financially responsible is one of the many skills needed to make a marriage work and if the two of you cannot come to a consensus even before you are married, how bleak do you think your future is going to be?

#2 Can we afford it?
Planning and executing a wedding is not cheap. Unless you plan to elope, you have to set aside thousands of dollars for the ceremony. Ask yourselves if you can afford to get married. Do not start your life together riddled with debt and owing favors to others. If you cannot wait, an alternative is to sign the legal documents first, and then plan a wedding party further down the road.

#3 What if we can’t have kids?
Many couples get married with the plan to have children one day. Discuss with your partner what the two of you are going to do if you cannot have children. Fertility issues are on the rise and many newlyweds face problems conceiving. Many have tried for years to no avail even after getting tested and determining that both parties are fine.
Figure out a backup plan in case you have problems conceiving in the future. Find out if the two of you are open to adoption, surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, and other methods to conceive and start a family.

#4 Where do we want to end up?
Determining where you want to put down roots is an important decision to make together. Whether you want to lead a nomadic life of traveling and assimilating into new cultures, or staying put in one place, is a very important question to ask yourselves. Sit down and decide on the importance of building a permanent home together. Speak about your openness to move for work, health reasons, family, education, and so on.

#5 What about religious beliefs?

Before tying the knot, speak to your significant other about the importance of religion in the household. Does it matter that you have different religious and spiritual beliefs? How do you want to raise your children? How big a role does religion have to play in your life together? You will be surprised at how many people dive headfirst into a marriage without figuring out important decisions like these.

#6 What kind of home do we want?
Rent all you want for now but soon, you will realize that buying a home makes more financial sense in the long run. Speak to your significant other about what kind of home you want to settle down in. Is it a condo by the river? A cottage in the countryside? A mansion in the suburbs? Discuss these long term goals and you will be one step closer to being ready for marriage.

#7 Who does what?
This all comes down to the division of labor in your household. Are you going to hire help? Share the chores? Do you live by the “you cook, I clean” motto? Whether you want to leave your home in an organized mess, or be completely OCD about cleanliness and the distribution of chores, make sure that your partner is on the same page as you. Here is a fail-safe tip that works for many: Live together first before getting married.

Getting married is a really big step. Ask yourself and your partner these questions, and within a short while, both of you will know for sure if the two of you are truly ready for a commitment like marriage.

Why were you relieved after the break up?

This relief may have come as a bit of a shock. You loved your partner after all and there are so many great things about them that you’re going to miss. However, it couldn’t have been as perfect a relationship as you had convinced yourself, and there must have been issues beneath the surface that didn’t make your relationship feel right.
You were in a relationship with someone, whom you believed to be your soul-mate and the love of your life, but things started to go a bit awry, and before you knew it, the relationship was hitting the stony depths of rock-bottom and separation became an imminent reality.
You worked so hard at saving the last vestiges of anything that was still good about the bond you shared, but it still wasn’t enough. When the break up came, you cried or vented or went on a depression-fuelled drinking binge… or maybe you didn’t do any of these things and experienced the one thing you didn’t expect to feel Relief.

So what was that thing that you were so relieved about? The following list outlines the ten main reasons people become relieved about a relationship ending.

#1 You felt suffocated in the relationship. You may have had the most attentive, caring and helpful partner alive, the one that all your friends constantly comment upon saying how lucky you were and how they wish they could find someone similar.
However, sometimes having someone’s undivided attention around the clock can be a touch suffocating. Were they one of those people who were always on the phone with you? Always turning up uninvited? Never had any interests of their own? Maybe the relief you felt was due to the fact that you could now unfurl your wings and live your own life again without having every footstep observed and assisted.

#2 Your relationship was abusive. This is a difficult one, as most people would find it hard to believe that physical abuse is something that could so easily go unnoticed all the way to the break-up stage. However, there are different types of abuse and emotional/psychological abuse is just as despicable and potentially even more harming.
Maybe you were convinced that you couldn’t do anything on your own without this person, because of a carefully orchestrated emotional terror campaign carried out subtly over a period of time, in order to compensate for your ex’s fears and inadequacies. The relief here is from knowing that you are a better and bigger person than that, and that you were able to free yourself from abuse.

#3 You were no longer attracted to your partner. You might be scared of the ‘shallow’ label, but attraction is a big deal. Whatever your definition of attraction may be, whether it’s mental, physical, sexual or otherwise, it’s still important to have passionate or at least romantic feelings of attraction towards your partner. However, if the attraction is no longer there, then what was a loving relationship becomes a friendship, and the relief probably comes from knowing that you are now free to treat it like one.

#4 You have a disappointing sex life. If you come away from your bedroom exploits feeling that you had more excitement the last time you bit into a tuna-mayo sandwich, then this could be another reason why you are feeling relief. Although sexual prowess and innovation are not the be all and end all of a relationship, it is a huge part of developing an emotional connection.
Your relief may spring from the fact that you no longer have to pretend to feel lust towards your partner, or it may be because you’re now free to have more exciting sexual exploits elsewhere.

#5 You were cheated on. Whether directly responsible for the separation or not, cheating is something which no relationship should have to tolerate. You may have found out or even had it confessed to you, but even if after much thought, you decided to put it behind you and give the relationship another go, things will never be the same.
The bond of trust has been broken and there will always be an element of unease at the back of your mind. Plus, you also have to work on rebuilding the trust within your relationship. The fact that this unease has finally been dealt with by separating from your cheating partner may also be a reason for this feeling of relief.

#6 You’ve found someone more suitable. Although you’ve never considered cheating on your partner for a moment, you may have found someone whom you could potentially be attracted to. Whether it’s dazzling wit, great looks or blinding intelligence, they just blew you away and made your ex-partner seem, well, just a little bit ordinary. Although you might never have meant any harm to anyone, the relief you feel is that associated with being free to pursue this new, attractive person.

#7 Your relationship was unstable. They might have been the funniest person you’ve ever met and had you in stitches around the clock. They might have had Hollywood looks. They might have been a veritable Albert Einstein. But what they couldn’t do was save money, hold down a job or commit to any normal life plans.

The former qualities may have worked their magic on you throughout the short term but eventually you woke up to the fact that your partner was idly throwing his or her life away, and consequently yours with it. Escaping from a dead end relationship or a deadbeat partner would definitely make you glad you got away.

#8 Your partner bored you. This point is kind of the opposite to the previous one, a situation where stability was ALL you had. In this case, however, you might have chosen a home-maker as a partner – a sensible choice that many people make. Food on the table and a good roof over your head guaranteed.

But the relationship could have been passionless, uninspired, methodical and even downright BORING! Maybe you’re feeling relieved due to being in a position where you can now inject a little passion back into your life, where you can start living a little bit crazy and enjoy all the things you’ve missed.

#9 There’s some unexplained tension in your relationship. For no discernable reason whatsoever, you and your partner may have started to get on each other’s nerves. A cloud descended upon the relationship and turned everything sour with arguments erupting at every turn over the silliest little things, like the right way to make a cup of coffee or whether to leave the toilet seat up or down. There may have been a deep seated love between you both that seemed too good to throw away for a time, but that relief you feel is obviously due to having escaped all that tension and bickering.

#10 You have mismatched levels of intelligence. Another difficult one. Everything else might be perfect – again with the looks, the sex life, the charisma, the sense of humor – but one day you woke up and realized that you’d actually like an intelligent conversation with the supposed love of your life, or you may pick up on the fact that your partner wants to have more intellectual conversations that you can’t keep up with.
If you’re the one who’s more intelligent, you may be relieved at not having to simplify everything you want to discuss. If you’re the one who feels like your partner is way too smart, your relief may be from the fact that you no longer have to feel like every conversation is a college lecture.

There should be no shame in feeling relief after a break up. After all, the fact that you’ve broken up means you have both admitted that something was amiss in your relationship. Feeling guilty about your relief will only hold you back, so just accept this feeling and move on with a smile!

Things guys should be telling their girlfriends more often

To most women, constant verbal communication is a key ingredient to a happy relationship. As you may already know, women love to talk. They want to talk when they’re happy. They want to talk when they’re upset. They want to talk to you in order to feel closer to you. This is their way of getting to know you better and showing you a part of themselves.
Of course, she wouldn’t want to be the only one to do all the talking. She will also want you to be part of the conversation. After all, there’s no point in talking to someone who only replies with grunts and nods. With that said, there may be times when you want to express how you feel about her, but you don’t really have the right words for the occasion. That’s where this article will come in handy.

Whenever you find yourself tongue-tied and unable to come up with anything to say during certain occasions, here are some phrases that will definitely come in handy for you.

#1 You make me happy. Every woman wants to know that she makes her lover happy. The popular belief is that all women tend to need attention, affection and most of your time, but sometimes that makes women feel as if they nag you too much. This then makes most women think they do not make their lover happy. That is why it is so important to let your girl know she makes you happy.
Women are caring and loving by nature. Also, women tend to go above and beyond for the people in their life, especially their lover. No matter the issues or how much she nags you for attention, make sure you let her know that she makes you happy and brings happiness to your life. This statement alone can put a smile on your girl’s face.

#2 I believe in you and your dreams. Your girl needs your support and to know that you are always cheering her on to pursue her dreams. Not only is it important to show her that she has your support, but you should let her know that you wholeheartedly believe in her and her dreams. Chasing dreams is a full-time gig when you are an adult, and encouragement from the one you love can go a long way.
Sometimes, your girl just needs to know that you are backing her up no matter how small or big her dreams are. Listening to her talk about her dreams is also a way to show her that you believe in her. When she faces success and inevitable failures, make sure she knows your belief in her pursuits is unwavering.

#3 I only have eyes for you. Every woman in the world wants to hear the words “I only have eyes for you.” No, it is not about being jealous or insecure. It is important that your girl feels reassured that she is the apple of your eye. It may sound silly, but it ensures that your lady feels like she has a secure spot in your heart.
This phrase also says to your girl that she is the only one on your mind, and you are happy with what you share with her. No one wants to wonder whether or not their lover is out playing around. That is why it is so important to let your girl know that no matter where you are, you are always considering her. Plus, your girl loves to know she has your undivided attention.

#4 I appreciate all that you do for me. Appreciation should be one of the love languages, because everyone loves to feel appreciated. This does not mean you need to sing your girl praises every day, but just let her know that you appreciate the little things she does for you. Thus, this leads to her continuously wanting to do things for you and to help you in a time of need.
Appreciation matters, because no one wants their kindness and consideration to go unnoticed. Say she cooks dinner every day, just so you can have a warm meal when you get home from work. Let her know that you appreciate her thoughtfulness. Of course, appreciation should always be reciprocated. However, it is not about who does what the most for the other or keeping “score,” so to speak. It is about letting your girl know that her selflessness means a lot to you.

#5 You mean so much to me and I cannot stand to lose you. These are magical words that your girl needs to hear. She needs to know that you are in it for the long haul. It makes her feel a sense of security, knowing that you are afraid to lose her. This phrase reminds her that you care about her and will do whatever it takes to keep her around. Your girl loves to be reminded that you cannot really see yourself without her, and her presence in your life truly makes a difference.

#6 I feel lucky to have you in my life. Expressing how thankful you are to have your girl in your life lets her know that she is truly special to you. It is such a romantic phrase that will simply woo your lady. Saying this to her is the equivalent to saying that it is by a profound stroke of luck that the universe decided to place her in your life. Your girl needs to be reminded often that you still feel lucky to have her.
You and your girl will face many ups and downs. She needs to be reminded that even through the bad times, you still feel lucky to have her and that she still has a place in your heart. This phrase also insinuates that she adds to your life in a meaningful way. It is a positive affirmation that can fill her up with joy when you let her know you feel lucky to have her.

#7 No matter what, I will always be there for you. This lets her know that no matter what happens between you two, you will always be there for her. Your girl needs to know that you have her back, no matter the circumstance. That way, she knows that she can depend on you and will feel secure in asking for your help. She will feel assured that you would not judge her, and she can openly express herself to you in a time of need. Your girl definitely likes it when you are protective of her and that you value her needs.

#8 You deserve the world. This phrase expresses the genuine notion that she is worthy of a life filled with an abundance of good things. This coincides with the phrase “you make me happy,” because, since she brings so much happiness to your life, you feel she deserves all of the good in the world. It is always an act of love to let your girl know her worth is immense, and that she means so much to you. Although, you cannot buy her the world literally, saying that she deserves the world is enough to make her heart flutter.

It is important to say these 8 phrases and back them up with consistent action. Reassuring phrases help your girl feel loved and adored. Try adding these phrases to the ones you currently say to your girl. It’s a surefire way to make her happy!

Not every attempt to flatter her will work out.Guys here's why!!!

The truth is that men and women do think very differently. And we’re not even talking about this being due to societal reasons, but actual physiological reasons. Women have far better developed communication skills than men do, and they are able to derive and deliver more meaning from a simple conversation. This is where it all goes wrong.
A man can say one thing, intending nothing but a compliment, but the woman perceives a whole second area of interpretation that leads her to rightly or wrongly make her own decision on what it is you mean.
No one, not if they’re in their right mind, sets out to alienate a woman whom they are attracted to. It does seem, however, that many men have an unwitting penchant towards doing just that. With a simple slip of a foolish tongue, they can undo hours, weeks, or even months’ worth of solid fawning and flattery. But why exactly is that the case? Why do we men seem unable to give a compliment without occasionally turning it into a devastatingly irreversible insult?

The following list provides ten examples of intended compliments, with both the man’s and the woman’s perspective explained. Hopefully, this will lead the less aware of you single guys out there to think a little more carefully in the future about what you say.

#1 You look great today.
What you mean: You mean just that. She looks great! You’re seeing her today, in the here and now, and that is the time at which she is looking good.
What she thinks: “Today? Just today? So, I was so appallingly disgraceful to look at all the other times that you’ve seen me?” Gents, one of the things that you’ll see popping up on this list over and over again is the sin of overkill. If she looks great, then tell her so and leave it at that. Don’t qualify it with anything else that could turn your intended compliment into a deadly insult!

#2 Have you lost weight?
What you mean: “You look really good. Really slim and pretty, and it suits you. You have a fine figure at any time, of course, but there’s something about you today that just looks extra special.”
What she thinks: “I guess I look pretty fat, then, when you usually see me, do I? I’m sorry to have disgraced you with my whale-like presence on those previous occasions, but I’m so happy that I now conform to your picture of the perfect lady. Let’s just hope I can fit into the taxi as I leave you in its dust for a man who appreciates me!” No further explanation needed, I feel.

#3 You have such pretty eyelashes.
What you mean: “You have such pretty eyelashes.”
What she thinks: “I’m really glad about that. They are a striking feature, aren’t they? I’m so glad that they appeal to you, and am even happier that of all the things you could have complimented me on – my eyes, my figure, my intelligence, my appearance – eyelashes were the only option that you felt comfortable with. It makes me feel great that the only thing you felt was worth commenting upon was a measly bunch of facial hairs *or worse, fake lashes*!” Guys, if you’re going to give a compliment, make it a big one.

#4 I don’t normally go for your type.
What you mean: “I’ve often gone for a woman with different hobbies or fashion sense or sensibilities before, and this is a very happy departure for me. I think I’ve made the right choice this time.”
What she thinks: She thinks you’re saying, “Do you know, I’m not normally interested in women who look or act like you, but you’re not so bad, and in your case, I’ll make an exception… for now.” If I need to explain why this doesn’t constitute as the compliment of the century, then it may be time to book that common sense transplant you’ve been meaning to get.

#5 You look just like your mom.
What you mean: To be honest, who knows why anyone would say this? This must be one of those cases of mouth working independently of brain to fill some awkward silence or to try to move the conversation on.
What she thinks: She thinks you’re saying, “You look thirty years older than you actually are, and you have more in common than you think with that woman whose personality you’ve been trying to distance yourself from all your life.” What a winner.

#6 You have very striking features.
What you mean: “There is something unconventionally but devastatingly attractive about your features. You don’t conform to the usual standards of attractiveness, but actually transcend them with a stunning interplay of uniqueness and beauty.”
What she thinks: Unfortunately, this particular compliment is more commonly interpreted as, “You’ve got a big nose, funny teeth, and/or googly eyes,” or some other insulting observation on a strange-looking part of her appearance that she believes you have clumsily disguised as a compliment.

#7 You’ve got a great personality!
What you mean: Just that. She’s easy to get along with, a bit of a laugh, can hold a conversation – everything as it should be.
What she thinks: This compliment says just one thing to the female addressee: “There is so little worth mentioning about your appearance that I’m going to have to focus on your personality instead.” Don’t be shy to use this one guys, but do make sure it is in tandem with a compliment about her physical appearance also.

#8 You’re better looking than my ex.
What you mean: “My ex was a very attractive woman, and there’s no doubt about it – you beat her hands down. That’s how incredibly attractive you are.”
What she thinks: Well, for one, she is now under the impression that you have spent the whole time you’ve been together thinking about your ex. She may also think that you’re making a statement to the effect that although she isn’t great looking, she is better looking than your ex. Not really a winning combination.

#9 You carry your weight well.
What you mean: “You might be a little larger than average, but you look great for it. It actually suits you. You are better looking than women who are many sizes smaller, and you really rock that whole look. You couldn’t look any more beautiful.”
What she thinks: Her interpretation of this sentence is, “I didn’t realize I was going on a date with Moby Dick!”

#10 You look great for your age.
What you mean: Exactly that. She easily looks like she could be ten years younger than the age she has given you.
What she thinks: “Wow, that’s really gracious of you. Thanks for the compliment, and thanks also for putting up with me even though I am apparently approaching the age which qualifies me as an exhibit in the National Museum!”
So guys, don’t be the one she talks about in years to come as a nominee for the record holder of the world’s worst compliment. Stay clear of the obvious faux pas above, and concentrate on talking her into being your partner for life – or at least for the night!

Easy cohabitation tips to live happily together

To avoid unnecessary conflict in cohabitation and create a happy home, it’s important to be open to change and compromise.
But as hard as it may seem, it really doesn’t take much to keep the relationship strong.
Cohabitation is a trend that has become increasingly popular among modern couples, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a big step in a relationship.
It is often said that cohabitation is the prelude to marriage, and that does make it a serious commitment.
Whether you decide to move in with your significant other to test the waters before marriage or to simply save on rent money while getting to know each other better, sharing a living space can bring both of you closer together and teach you a lot about what either of you want from each other.
However, you need to remember that even if you’re head-over-heels in love with your partner, a peaceful cohabitation is not always an easy feat to achieve.
At the end of the day, we’re talking about two individuals with their own likes and dislikes coming together to live as a couple.

It may be easy to fake it and pretend like you’re flawless, and nothing your partner does ever annoys you.
But as time goes, the dirt that you’re pushing under the couch is eventually going to find it’s way out unless both of you decide to be truthful and accommodating to each other’s lifestyles!

Here are 10 simple tips to follow for a happy cohabitation, that can help both of you understand each other, strengths, flaws and all, and bring both of you closer.

#1 Get on the same page. Making sure you and your partner are on the same page is key before you decide to live together. Are you fully committed to each other? Do both of you want to move forward? Do both of you foresee a future together? Will you be living together to plan for marriage or just to save on money?
These are important questions to discuss with your significant other from the very beginning to be sure both of you want the same things in your relationship and can manage a successful cohabitation.
Taking this first step before moving in together will help you avoid confusion and, ultimately, a messy breakup down the line because of different expectations from each other.

#2 Set ground rules. It may not seem romantic, but it will help to think of your partner as a roommate upon move-in. Before or during move-in is the time to establish certain ground rules, as you would with a roommate.
If something really irks you, such as leaving tracks on the carpet or smoking indoors, it’s important to let your significant other know right away. It’s also important to encourage your boyfriend or girlfriend to provide guidelines of their own, so they don’t feel they are being controlled.
After these rules have been established, your partner and you can better focus on enjoying each other’s company rather than worry about upsetting each other over petty mishaps.

#3 Divide the chores. Once you’ve set the ground rules, it’s time to discuss household chores. Dividing the work equally can relieve a lot of stress for the both of you and eliminate resentment over one person constantly cleaning up after the other.
Have a talk about the type of chores both of you prefer, so neither of you is stuck washing dishes when you would rather be doing the laundry. With chores efficiently out of the way, the relationship will be opened up to more fun, and less confusions.

#4 Redecorate. Decorating your living space together will not only be a bonding experience, but also an opportunity to assess how well you work as a team. Even if you and your significant other have different tastes, there are small ways to merge your ideas without stepping on each other’s toes.
Buy a piece of artwork together or reupholster your favorite chair. Whatever you agree upon, household décor can be a great way to display your individual personalities as well as your identities as partners.
Whether it’s deciding on paint colors or rearranging furniture, make an effort to collaborate on creating a space that both of you can be proud of.

#5 Discuss finances. Having an in-depth conversation about finances will not be the sexiest part of living together, but it will definitely be crucial to a happy cohabitation. After all, money remains one of the most difficult subjects for couples to conquer without fighting.
Upon move-in, you and your partner should decide how expenses will be split, whether or not you will share a joint account, and whether or not you will purchase insurance together. And remember, this conversation should be ongoing because finances aren’t a constant and can change constantly.
Check in with your significant other regularly to make sure that both of you are aware of each other’s current financial situation and still satisfied with the initial financial agreements.

#6 Spend time apart. Now that both of you will be spending a lot more time together, it will be important for you to spend time away from your lover as well. It may be tempting to neglect your family and friends once you have your partner all to yourself, but it’s never beneficial to isolate yourself from your loved ones outside of your romantic relationship.
If for any reason, you lose your significant other, you will still need a support system and that’s something you need to accept even if you don’t want to acknowledge it. Make time for your family and friends, foster those relationships, and encourage your partner to do the same.
Spending time apart also means spending time alone. And allowing yourself some alone time will not only create a healthy sense of space between the two of you, it’ll also help both of you grow as individuals.

#7 Respect each other’s differences. Once you’ve shared a living space for some time with your man or woman, you will most likely come to realize that your partner has interests you were previously unaware of.
Perhaps, they enjoy snacking late at night or watching a certain television show every afternoon. You may or may not appreciate these interests, but you should respect them either way. Allowing your significant other to be themselves is an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship and a happy home.

#8 Create goals together. If you were able to successfully decorate together, you can move towards creating goals together, irrespective of whether they are short-term or long-term.
Focus on a long-term goal as a team and establish a sense of partnership between the two of you by working towards a common goal that will benefit the both of you. This could include remodeling the house, saving up for a vacation, or even planning a wedding.

#9 Communicate! Your partner and you do not have to talk all the time just because you share a roof. In fact, it would not be healthy if you did! But there should still be clear communication between the two of you regarding your relationship.
If there is a problem, do not put off talking it through. If you allow a problem to fester and escalate into a cold war, you will only sabotage the relationship. You do not want to get to the point in which you and your partner begin sleeping in separate rooms because neither of you are willing to confront an issue.

#10 Keep the spark alive
After months or years of living together, it’s common for relationships to seem stale or uninteresting. And an everyday routine can really discourage the passion. However, you need to remember that in most cases, this does not mean the love no longer exists.
Even if you are completely comfortable with your lover, continue to get to know them better. Set aside time every week for date night, even if that simply means grabbing a quick bite to eat together. Continue to try new things together, explore and grow together.
And most importantly, always make the effort to show your partner you appreciate their presence in your life.

After all, healthy relationships in general require acceptance and compromise, but this becomes even more true during cohabitation.

Is living together before marriage a bad idea? find out

For a long time now, several studies have shown that the divorce rate of married couples who have lived together before marriage is alarmingly high.
But what is the real reason behind it?
Is it because they experienced a teaser of marriage before actually getting married or is it because of something else?
There are many reasons behind why living together leads to failure in marriage, but all of them can be nipped in the bud if you really focus on a happy live-in relationship.
Are you madly in love with your partner?
Do you find yourself contemplating about whether both of you should start living together?
If your partner and you have had a conversation about living together, well, that’s good for you.

After all, when there’s love in the air, both of you would want to spend every sleeping and waking moment in each other’s arms.
The biggest setback of living together is the fact that lovers take the relationship more lightly. You’re not married, so why take it seriously, right? It’s just two lovers living together under one roof, testing the waters of compatibility and cohabitation.
But here’s something you need to think about. If you truly do want to live with each other for the rest of your lives, why are both of you pushing the thought of marriage aside? Getting this answer right will help you determine the success of your relationship.
Living together before getting married is a great way to get to know each other better, but only if both of you focus on the relationship in the right manner.
When you’re not married, it’s easy to get a second thought and think twice about the relationship. You can always walk out of a live-in relationship because both of you are technically not married to each other yet. At the same time, most lovers start taking the other partner for granted while living together, which can end the relationship.

If both of you want to start living together before marriage, here are 14 things you need to keep in mind to create a successful marriage after moving in together.

#1 Why are you moving in? If both of you want to live together before marriage, be sure about why you want to move in with each other. Is it for the sex, cheaper living or something more valid? If you have a goal in life you want to achieve before tying the knot, speak about it with your partner. But always have a clear valid reason for putting marriage aside.

#2 Date for a few years. Don’t move in unless both of you are extremely serious about living together. Even if there’s a lot of love in the air, enjoy the times when both of you are apart and miss each other, and take things slowly. Moving in together should be a step that should be considered seriously and only as a step before marriage.

#3 Living together is not a test. This is the worst mistake that many couples make. If your main intention of moving in together is to test the relationship, you’re bound to find flaws and differences that’ll tear the relationship apart. Don’t look at living together as a test, look at it as a preparation for marriage because both of you are already prepared to commit to each other.

#4 Behave like a married couple. Take each other and the relationship seriously. Prioritize your life and be willing to change for the relationship and for each other.

#5 Fix a date or age. One of the best ways to keep a relationship alive and moving in the right direction is by talking about the relationship and the direction it is heading. If you’re moving in together, then set the next milestone so both of you have a clear direction about the relationship.
Are you waiting to be 30 before getting married? Are both of you saving up for a grand wedding? Fix a clear goal so both of you understand the seriousness of living together.

#6 Avoid the infatuation. Don’t ever move in during the infatuation period. It’s that time of the relationship when both of you are crazy about each other, but that’s no excuse to start living together. Always wait for the infatuation to pass and give time for love to mature into a mellow, but deeper kind of love.

#7 Are you ready for marriage? Living together should only be a small pit stop before surging ahead into marriage. Don’t move in together unless you’re already mentally prepared to marry your sweetheart.
Do you genuinely know why you’re putting marriage off if both of you are so madly in love with each other? If you’re just afraid of taking a big step like marriage, you’re definitely not ready to move in with each other. Don’t ever look at living together as an alternative to marriage.

#8 Make long term life plans together. If you want to live together, both of you have to learn to work together as a couple and as a team. Make big plans together even while living together and constantly strive towards it, be it saving up for a house or starting a new venture together. Feel a sense of accomplishment as a couple and you’ll feel more connected to each other.

#9 Pick up after yourselves. When you meet your lover on a date, you always try to show off your best side. Don’t change that behavior after moving in together. Don’t ever take your partner for granted and always learn to pick up after yourself. In most live-in relationships, one partner almost always starts to take the other partner for granted, which can lead to a failed relationship.

#10 Help each other unconditionally. When you’re living with your partner, try to focus on their needs just as much as your own. You don’t have to wait until both of you are married to do that. Treat each other with love and respect, and help each other achieve little milestones and goals all the time.

#11 Give each other space. Learn to grow as individuals. Don’t lose your own identity just because you’re living together. One of the biggest problems in a marriage or even living together is the lack of individuality. You’re both two different people. Stop trying to be one person, instead be one perfect couple.

#12 Communicate and argue constructively. Arguments are never a bad thing. But unfinished arguments definitely are. Don’t take your partner or the relationship lightly just because you aren’t married yet. Give your relationship the same level of respect and concern you’d give if you were married already.

#13 If it’s not working out, walk out. Be the best partner you can be for your lover. But don’t continue living together if you’re not happy with each other. And don’t feel guilty and coerce yourself into getting married because you’ve already lived together for so long.

#14 Keep it exciting. The first few months of living together may feel exciting, but after a while, having someone around you constantly can start to feel rather claustrophobic, especially when both of you don’t have anything interesting to share or talk about. Always look for ways to keep the relationship exciting and allow your romance to blossom into something that feels better with each passing day.

If you really want this relationship to work out, try to find ways to banish any boredom from the relationship. More often than not, what may start off as boredom while living together can lead to doubts and second thoughts about the relationship and its move into a happy marriage.

It’s easy to make living together before marriage work for you. All you need to do is give the relationship the same dedication and passion that you would to a real marriage.